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Parali’s background as a theatre set maker and designer has given her knowledgeable and access to an array of materials, which she incorporates in her work. Parali uses text, song, audio recording, performers and physical props as materials to create (dis)embodied and otherworldly narratives, exploring identity and absence.

At the centre of the work is the entwined relationship between voice and body, and their simultaneous presence and absence. Creating a complex dynamic, the work addresses intimacy and the need for support, attempting to break down boundaries that keep beings at a distance, be they place, or gender, or any of the other demarcations we use to delineate who we are and what we are not. Recorded voices are mediated through the bodies of the performers, the characters emerging as part human, part animal, part spirit, and part landscape – as other. The poetic and physical encounter between these polymorphous creatures allows the viewer to enter their world.

However, the work does not end with the performance. The lingers of the world she creates continue as she structures and makes work that springs from the ripples created from the narratives of the performance, by appropriating performance footage through a reductive process of burning prints, or drawings inspired by the lingered dialogues she has created.