Allegra Projects is a holding company that operates in various fields, such as retail products, consulting, artistic projects, charity as well as art and design related activities.


Lefort Sport | La Montagne Skin Care | Allegra Projects Consulting | Allegra Charity | Allegra Projects Artist Residency | Allegra Projects Collection

Lefort Sport creates unisex attire, specialising in outerwear.

La Montagne Skin Care is a holistic cosmetic brand.

Allegra Projects Consulting does events and project management, PR and guest relations with a focus on the Engadine region.

Allegra Charity provides financial support to underprivileged children in the Engadin region, with a focus on cultural extra curricular activities.

Allegra Projects Residency is a biannual artists residency program that takes place in Sils Maria in the Engadin region of Switzerland.

Allegra Projects Collection is a corporate collection focusing on contemporary art. The collection is small and growing, currently consisting of works by artists Ser Serpas, Augustas Serapinas, Charlotte Leimer and Simon English.