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Ackroyd’s work engages and plays with the inherent medium of sculpture by pushing its boundaries as well as reducing it to its core structures. These structures in their bareness begin to metamorphize into these bodily creatures. Her artistic language continues into drawing and floating on the line between figuration and abstraction. The space that the figures embody, as well as the space they are in is taken further through the way her drawings engage with space, time, architectural and sculptural forms.

The sculptures; with chicken wire, plaster bandages, wax, steel and resin confront the viewer with their material rawness. The work challenges the boundaries of the body in space and the body as space itself. The works in many ways exemplifies the complex structures that build upon femininity; strength, fragility, rawness, fight, trauma. The works form a bonding relationship and become the space with energies bouncing off and melting into each other simultaneously.